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Full cycle efficient benefits

Through the combined effects of the batterysystem's high reliability, long life, and highenergy efficiency,"renewable energy + energystorage" will have more advantages in termsof the cost per kilowatt-hour over the entirelife cycle.

Power generation side energy storage

Renewable energy consumption: Wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy power generation have the characteristics of intermittent and volatility. The energy storage system can store the power of abandoned wind and light, and release it when power generation is insufficient or peak power consumption, which can effectively smooth the energy consumption. The fluctuation of new energy power generation can reduce the impact on the power grid, improve the accuracy of power generation planning, and improve the consumption of new energy.

Grid side energy storage

Peak shaving and valley filling: Alleviating power consumption conflicts during peak periods, improving transmission and distribution line utilization, and delaying power grid upgrades.

Peak shaving and frequency modulation: The millisecond-level response of the energy storage system can reduce the impact of load fluctuations on the power grid and improve the stability of  the power grid.

C&I energy storage

Peak and valley arbitrage: Use the difference in electricity prices between peak and valley periods of the power grid to carry out peak and valley arbitrage, saving users electricity bills.

Backup power supply: Provide emergency power supply to ensure uninterrupted operation of important loads (additional ATS or STS).

Dynamic capacity expansion, peak and valley shaving: Solve the problem of insufficient transformer capacity during peak periods of electricity consumption.

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