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Pure electric

Zero emission

Ultra-low operating cost

10-minute fast charging

All-weather operation

Safe and reliable

Electric drive system

Equipped with mature and reliable electric drive products. The peak ev of the motor can reach 350KW, the peak torque is 2800Nm, and it is matched with the AMT automatic transmission to provide strong ev for the vehicle. The handling and acceleration are significantly better than those of traditional fuel vehicles. At the same time, it meets the needs of high-ev electric braking and energy feedback in the mining area.




Peak motor power

Peak torque

Automatic transmission

Remote monitoring platform

Each vehicle is equipped with a T-box and a remote monitoring platform is set up to facilitate users to manage and monitor the vehicle in real time


data monitoring

Driver behavior management

Trajectory tracking

Remote dispatch

Fault analysis management

Real-time positioning

Fleet management

Advantages and features
High efficiency of fast charging

Each charge can carry out 8-14 trips, and only needs to be charged 2-3 times a day

Charging takes only 15 minutes each time

24-hour operation

Maintenance cost savings for a single vehicle in 10 years:
$1847921.95 for fuel vehicle - $1526843.79 for oil-to-electric vehicle = $321078.16 saved

2. Fuel cost analysis

2.1 Annual operating cost of a single pure electric mining car: 0.069 (USD/kWh) × 2750 (power consumption per shift) × 3 (shifts) × 330 (days) = 187589.57 (year/USD)

2.2 Annual operating cost of a single fuel mining car: $1.07(diesel unit price) × 900 (fuel consumption per shift) × 3 (shifts) × 330 (days) = 957694.85 (year/USD)

2.3 After converting from oil to electricity, the annual fuel cost savings of a single car: $957694.85(year/fuel cost) -$187589.57 (year/electricity cost) = $770105.28 (single mining car), saving 7700363.80(USD) in fuel costs in 10 years.

3. Economic Benefit Forecast

3.1 Transformation cost of a single vehicle $1526843.79 ÷ annual fuel cost savings $770105.28 = 1.98 years (cost recovery period)

3.2 Cost savings of a single vehicle during 10 years of operation: $7700363.8 (fuel cost savings) + $321078.16 (maintenance cost savings) = $8009039.8

3.3 The State Energy Group has a total of 82 coal mines, and Shenhua North Electric Shengli Energy Company has 103 mining trucks registered. Based on this conservative estimate, the State Energy Group has more than 1,000 mining trucks. If all are converted to pure electric, the total profit in 10 years is: Single vehicle profit $8009039.8 × 1,300 units = $10427461139.9 (10 years)

Applicable vehicle categories

Electric bicycle


Mine truck


Loading car


Some EV truck spare parts
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