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XDLE's Lithium-ion prismatic cell is designed by Z stacking (Z folding) instead of winding, which is used by other cell manufacturing companies. Our cell can reach 15,000 cycles and last for 20 years under BESS application.

Our director engineer :Rahul Bollini published an article stating the advantages of Z stacking type prismatic cell over winding type prismatic cell in EV May month's magazine. Below are his observations.
The below pictures are explained in order:
1. Winding type cell (New cell) - The core is winded and there will be stress points on the sides. It is the traditional way of building the prismatic cell.
2. Winding type cell after 1000 cycles - Cell is severely disintegrated), the internal stress of the winding cell can cause deformation after cycling and calendar aging. Bending can occur, which will lead to deformation of the winding core and affect the stability, safety and cycle life of the cell. Such cells tend to experience a knee-point (sudden collapse of capacity) when such cells are put in applications with harsh operating conditions.
3. Z stacking type cell (New cell) - The core is made up of alternate stacking of positive and negative electrodes between which there is a separator for insulation). XDLE Battery uses this method, it has been adopted from pouch cell manufacturing. This type of cell has lower internal resistance.
4. Z stacking type cell after 1000 cycles - Cell looks fine because there is a gap between the left and right edges of the electrodes and the folded part of the separator. The electrodes are loose and the stress generated can be released around when the thickness of the electrode sheet changes with cycling and calendar aging and the electrodes will not be disintegrated. The cell core is stable and does not experience a knee-point and ensures ultra-long cycle of up to 15,000 cycles at the end-of-life.
5. Gun shot test on our cell - We are the first cell manufacturer to pass the gun shot test on the Lithium-ion cell.
6. The certification we received for passing the gun shot safely test.

Advantages of Xingdong's lithium-ion prismatic batteries

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