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Exciting News from Huigong Hebei Machinery Group Co., Ltd., a proud member of our family! As part of Huigong Group, we at XDLE Battery are thrilled to share that our sister company has established a groundbreaking joint venture, HG-AMMC, in Uzbekistan. This partnership with the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine marks a significant stride in our collective journey toward industrial excellence.
Located in the strategic Ahangaran industrial zone, this new venture will focus on producing crucial components for mining dump trucks, reflecting our commitment to innovation and quality in the mining equipment sector. With a solid foundation built on more than a decade of advanced manufacturing and robust R&D capabilities, Huigong Hebei Machinery Group has consistently demonstrated its prowess by being a preferred supplier to industry giants such as NHL, MEMC, and SANY.
This move is not just about expanding our manufacturing capabilities—it also encompasses a visionary project to convert petroleum to electricity, setting new standards in operational efficiency and sustainability.
At XDLE Battery, we share this drive for innovation and excellence. Specializing in advanced battery energy storage systems, our mission aligns seamlessly with the Huigong Group's dedication to pushing technological boundaries and enhancing global industrial practices.
As we celebrate this achievement, we are reminded of the strength and potential within our group. This venture not only represents a significant achievement in Huigong's history but also reinforces our position at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.
Here's to more innovations, collaborations, and milestones. Join us in congratulating Huigong Hebei Machinery Group on this remarkable achievement. Together, we are powering the future!

Celebrating a Milestone for Our Group: Huigong Hebei Machinery's New Joint Venture

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