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1. From material perspective, how can you say that the better raw materials are used compared to competition companies? Can you elaborate which raw materials used in the cells are better? Let me list down the list of materials used in the cell and you can provide individual comments on each of the raw materials if they are better than competitor or if it is the same.

a. LFP cathode material type is better than others.
The materials currently used are those of TOP manufacturers in the industry, which have strong R&D capabilities and high material stability. According to our company's requirements, the manufacturer has made the particle size distribution of the material more concentrated and the content of metal impurities lower.

b. Graphite anode material type is better than others.
The anode material is jointly developed with Jiangsu University and anode material manufacturers, using petroleum coke + needle coke with isotropic particles and sintered at 3200°C to make the material with high capacity and high pressure. The manufacturer adds 1 layer of filtration on top of the traditional 2-stage filtration to make the particle size of the material more concentrated and the metal impurities smaller.

c. Separator type used is better than others. Any additional coating used for higher thermal stability and mechanical stability.
The diaphragm base film uses wet film, which is a more uniform diaphragm
void, higher consistency, and higher mechanical strength; at the same time, it adopts self-developed double-layer ceramic + gel coating process, which raises the battery heat shrinkage temperature from 130°C to 145°C.

d. Any special additive used in cathode slurry making.
Negative conductive agent using Japan imported acetylene black, higher
purity than the traditional furnace black, less impurities.

e. Any special additive used in anode slurry making.
The anode uses a special conductive agent developed with the Central South University, so that the conductive network from the traditional point-to-point, to point-line surface three-dimensional conductivity.

f. Electrolyte formulation is better than others. Can you tell if we use special additives to increase the stability of the cell and therefore it allows for higher cycle life.
Special additives are used in the electrolyte, while the lithium salt concentration is increased from the conventional 1mol to 1.2mol, resulting in a higher electrolyte content in the battery.

g. Any additional additive to enhance the SEI layer formation.
In addition to the conventional VC and PS, 5% A additive, 0.3% B additive and 0.1% F additive are added.
h. Any additional additive to enhance the cycle life of the cell in general.
The same as G

What the XDLE’s cell advantage from material reason

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