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Xingdong Lithium Solid-State Battery Technology Debuts at the 2024 New Power System Industry Innovation Application Seminar

Cheers to a successful Seminar. It was wonderful to be a part of it in the renewable energy industry. delighted to discuss a new milestone part 1.

Xingdong lithium (XDLE) power solid state battery technology appeared in the 2024 New Electric Power System Industry Innovation and Application Symposium

On May 23rd, under the guidance of North China Electric Power University (NCPU) and the Management Committee of Beijing Future Science City, the Seminar on Innovative Application of New Power System Industry in 2024 was grandly held in North China Electric Power University (NCPU) in Beijing. The seminar gathered many experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from the electric power industry to discuss the future development and innovative application of new power systems. As a supporting organization, XDLE demonstrated the innovative application and prospect of its self-developed solid-state battery technology in new power systems.

Solid-state battery technology, with its excellent safety and high energy density characteristics, is gradually becoming a key technology to promote the upgrading of power systems. Compared to traditional liquid batteries, solid-state batteries are not only safer, but also have a stronger energy storage capacity, which gives them a significant advantage in responding to the urgent need for efficient and safe energy storage technology in new power systems.

Since the beginning of its establishment, XDLE has deeply recognized the great potential of solid-state batteries in new power systems and initiated the research and development of solid-state batteries. Nowadays, it has made remarkable progress in the field of solid state battery, realizing 100% electrolyte curing rate, liquid value (0wt%).

In the seminar, Xu Xiaoling, the technical director of XDLE battery core, discussed the development trend and challenges of the new power system in depth with industry colleagues, and also shared the advantages of XDLE’s self-developed and successful all-solid-state battery technology, its innovative application in the development of the new power system, and its importance to the new power system.

In her speech, Director Xu Xiaoling emphasized the high safety and high energy density characteristics of Xingdong solid-state battery technology, which makes solid-state batteries an important driving force for the upgrading of new power systems. She also shared XDLE's application cases in the fields of grid-side energy storage, user-side energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and electrification of engineering vehicles, demonstrating the wide applicability and great potential of solid-state battery technology.

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